Parks and Rec merger effective today

It might not look a whole lot different outside today, but it is a new day in Minot, the start of a new chapter in our history. And that is no April fools joke.

The long awaited merger of Minot’s park district and its recreation commission takes effect today.

Parks Director Ron Merritt said the final details and new signage should be in place in time to mark a change that should be so seamless the public might not notice a difference.

Let’s hope that Merritt is correct in saying that and that it holds true in the months and years to come. Both parks and rec were solid when on their own, especially the park district, which not only survived the flood but has thrived since.

So why the merger? Perceived efficiencies and potential savings. Time will tell but we have no reason to suspect there won’t be savings – and there will be more programs and activities for the public to enjoy, we are convinced.

Joining the two entities has been discussed if not considered many times over the years; it appears supporters of each are now onboard with the changes.

“I think it’s going to be good for everybody involved,” said Recreation Director Scott Collins in an article published earlier this week. “Their vision for where they want to see us is really kind of interesting.”

Both the park district office and recreation office will remain in their current locations – next door to each other in the Municipal Auditorium.

Sounds like Minot should have made this move long ago.

So it’s not just a new day in Minot, it’s a great day.