Minot area flood protection moves ahead

A couple of years ago, a survey was taken in regard to the Souris River, and a considerable percentage of respondents said they were still wary of the river because of the last flood, which devastated the river valley, where so many residents resided.

Meanwhile, innovative and visionary local leaders view the river basin as a potential source of development and economic opportunities – just as water features have been in other cities, large and small, around the U.S. Economic development or redevelopment nationwide have utilized water features to focus progress.

The way to eliminate that trepidation is flood control.

However, flood protection is costly. It’s beyond the financial reach of the city and county – and federal funds are more tough with the Administration tightening its belt.

Flood protection is moving along at a crisp pace. The issue has been looking into funding for the remainder of the project.

The total cost of real flood control is $1 billion. The funds have to come from various sources. It, frankly, cannot all fall on local taxpayers.

On Friday, the state Legislature approved additional funding for Minot flood control. A 61-31 vote on a water budget bill in the House Friday morning authorized $82.5 million for Minot’s ongoing Souris River flood control project. Good news for Minot.

The state funding move changes – in a good way – the scenario, even if it was anticipated by those in the know.

Flood protection and economic development are key concerns of Minot residents based on comments to the Minot Daily News editorial board, along with taxes – a related issue.

The flood project is key. Visionary leaders recognize that the riverfront is important to the revitalization that is essential to a new vision of the city – not a bad thing at all.

The state dispensation brings a need closer to a solution.