Indeed, local government is best training ground for higher office

Do you have ambitions to one day be part of the North Dakota Legislature?

Might you have your eyes set on higher office in government?

If so, then think about serving in office in your own community, from school board and park board to city council or county office. It’s likely these would be the best training grounds for any higher office, as well as handy stepping stones stepping stones to one’s future ambition.

So asserted several members of the state government in an article that appeared in Wednesday’s Minot Daily News. From Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford to Rep. Alisa Mitskog, D-Wahpeton, Rep. Bert Anderson, R-Crosby and others, each asserted that serving in local government was a tremendous help for their subsequent service at the state level.

“It was a great background for me having 10 years as an elected official in Watford City,” Sanford said in Wednesday’s article. “There was no way for me to be ready for this position without it, frankly.”

Anderson, also mayor of Crosby will have served the city of Crosby for a total of 40 years on the city council and as mayor when his term is up as mayor is up in two-and-a-half years.

Now on his third legislative session, Anderson described his first days in state government: “To start, it’s like taking a drink of water from a firehose.”

It’s only logical that holding local public office would benefit those who move on. There is a learning curve to public office at any level, with much of the knowledge and understanding transferable to other positions. One former city official once told Minot Daily News that it took him a year to catch up to speed.

Why not “learn the ropes” at the local level while also serving one’s own company.

Those in the know seem to believe it’s a good idea.

Minot Daily News agrees.