Egyptologist Mark Lehner’s lecture sure to please

It won’t be the first time Minot native and world famous Egyptologist Mark Lehner shares his experiences with people back home. Hopefully it will not be his last, either. Lehner is a valuable asset to Minot, a friend and a downright interesting speaker.

Lehner will give a lecture at Minot State’s Ann Nicole Nelson Hall Thursday, May 2. It’s a beautiful theatre and will add greatly to this special event, put together by MSU.

Lehner is a Minot native who graduated from Minot High School in 1968 and attended Minot State University – only the beginning of his formal education. He went to Cairo in 1973 as a Year Abroad Student at the American University in Cairo where he received his bachelor’s degree in anthropology. He lived in Egypt for 13 years, working for American, Egyptian, British, French, and German archaeological projects. From 1979 until 1983 he was the field director and then director of the Sphinx Project sponsored by the American Research Center in Egypt.

In 1984, he began the Giza Plateau Mapping Project, sponsored by the American Research Center in Egypt and Yale University where Lehner received his doctorate in Egyptology in 1990.

The lecture at Minot State is one part of a weekend of events planned. Lehner is also scheduled to speak at Minot Public Schools and attend Minot State’s annual Alumni Association Gala fundraising event. The Minot State lecture, which is free and open to the public, is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in Ann Nicole Nelson Hall with a book signing to follow.

Anybody who has watched television programs about ancient Egypt would likely recognize Lehner. He’s big stuff in Egyptology – an expert – and graciously shares what he has learned when he comes home to Minot.

This is a do-not-miss event.