Storm might still be a detriment

What is it about winter weather patterns and their apparent distaste for basketball tournaments?

Longtime fans cite many years in which the Class B tourney in Minot coincides with the arrival of rough winter storms. The tournament began Thursday and concludes Saturday.

As of now, it appears Minot is going to avoid impact from the storm, or at least be minimally affected. Clearly a good thing for many reasons, including the tournament.

However, the city and region are likely to experience related difficulties, depending on the length and breadth of the storm and what kind of mess it leaves around North Dakota. After all, teams and their fans travel to Minot from all over for the occasion. What then happens when road conditions are dangerous or their departure point is still in the midst of storm conditions? How might that affect the tournament?

Of course, there might also be an economic impact if weather diminishes the number of visitors. Hotels, restaurants, even retail would be hurt, at a time when the region’s economy really could use a boost.

It’s too early now to know if weather will influence the overall tournament.

Minot Daily News advises travelers and potential travelers to be safe.