Not hard to find worthy organizations to support

One of the most commonly heard reasons why people don’t donate to charity is they don’t know who to trust or even what is a worthy charity to support.

Thankfully, in this part of the country there at many, many trustworthy organizations one can feel good about giving to. They could not only use some financial help, many depend on our generosity.

Take the Souris Valley United Way and the Salvation Army as examples. Minoters know and trust these folks and the wide and varied causes they in turn support through our donations.

Well, it has come to our attention that there are two more worthy causes that seem like they could use some help.

First off is the Ward County Historical Society, which is being forced off of the State Fairgrounds. Yes, real progress is being made in plans to literally move the Pioneer Village to Burlington. But it will take a whole lot more money to get the job done, even if a couple anticipated large donations come through.

Once the Pioneer Village is in place, we can only imagine that a lot of revenue will have to be generated or donations made to keep the museum afloat.

So that’s one charitable entity to consider next time you’re planning out your annual contributions or simply in a giving mood.

A second comes to mind when reading today’s front-page story by reporter Andrea Johnson on procuring protective vests for Minot’s K9s. There, one could support animals and law enforcement by cutting a single check – and both are highly deserving of our support, financial and otherwise.

A second front-page story today, the one by reporter Kim Fundingsland points out that one can support a good cause simply by taking part in a fishing derby. Proceeds often go to worthy causes, in this case getting youth out of the house and onto a lake or river to fish.

Talk about a win-win. Fishing and supporting youth. Can donating get any easier or be more enjoyable, you ask.

Yes, by buying and sharing a box of delicious Girl Scout cookies. Our girls could use some help too.