Maybe city should permit residents to vote by foot on recycling

There are few items that stir as much controversy as recycling in Minot. Yes, a potential dump expansion, new trash system, property taxes and other issues attract a lot of attention – as do the silly mistakes of the past, although those can’t be honestly blamed on today’s administration or council.

Minot Daily News receives a steady stream of emails, calls and letters on the potential recycling issue.

Few are in favor of recycling.

A media reality is that those opposed to measures are far, far more likely to speak to journalists than those who support measures. It’s human nature.

A reader made a suggestion that intrigues. It goes like this. If the city wants to evaluate interest in recycling, why not devise a plan for a voluntary recycling day or days and then evaluate response. Those committed to the idea are likely to take part in it; those who aren’t, won’t.

Oh, this wouldn’t demonstrate the effectiveness or cost of recycling. But it would show the support for the concept among the public. Shouldn’t support matter. Leadership isn’t just making the perceived responsible decision; it is also reflecting the will of the voters.

Sure, there are logistics that can be cited as to why this won’t work – even once or twice to gather data. There are always logistical reasons why something different can’t be tried if it isn’t what government wants. It’s usually bollocks; the elitist excuse for dodging populist wishes.

A special thanks to email correspondent “Linda” for presenting the idea and allowing MDN to borrow the idea.

What do you think?