Magic City Figure Skating Club to put on 40th annual show

“The Greatest Show on Ice.”

With a billing like that the 40th annual show being put on by the Magic City Figure Skating Club should qualify as a must-see event.

It will be held Saturday at 7 p.m. and again on Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Pepsi rink in Maysa Arena.

According to a precede in today’s paper, the show is expected to be quite the treat with eye-catching costumes and talent.

To pull off 40 shows is quite an accomplishment. Such continuity is remarkable. One can only imagine the number of parents, kids and instructors who have taken part in those shows over four decades. And especially impressive; the hard work put in by the kids.

Congratulations to all who helped make it happen.

“I want them to know what talented skaters we have in our club,” Barb Kohlman, program director for the club said of the reason behind an annual show. “We work hard throughout the year on developing skills. This year our skaters have attained great achievements and this show showcases all of their talent.”

There will be, we are told, other featured skaters who could make the 40th annual event truly one to remember. As we reported, the show will also feature Magic City Figure Skating Club’s own Leah Neset and her ice dancing partner, Dimitry Tsarevski.

Good luck to all of the skaters who will take to the ice this weekend. Being part of the 40th annual show will be something for you to remember with pride years from now.

Maybe even 40 years from now. Let’s hope that those whose spins and jumps will follow yours will be working hard to put on the 80th annual ice show.