Hopefully, incidents don’t hold up Trinity project long

The new Trinity complex in southwest Minot had a tough week recently when a construction contractor had an accident and shortly afterward there were gas explosions on the construction site.

While neither incident is the responsibility of Trinity, it none-the-less will undoubtedly impact the ambitious development project of Trinity Health, a cornerstone of this community and region for generations.

It’s important for appropriate investigations to take their natural path, of course. No one wants anything else, much less the possibility of another incident.

That said, hopefully the incidents don’t hold up the overall development project longer than absolutely essential.

The new Trinity campus is vital to Minot, Ward County and the region. Its successful completion is a key to the future of Minot. Not just vital to the health of members of the community, but also to the economic viability of the region.

Health is, of course, the first concern. The new facility is important to attract and retain talent in many medical fields. It will be the singular healthcare beacon for miles. It will offer advanced medical technology.

The project is essential in many ways.

Let’s hope this incident doesn’t cause too much of a delay.