Applicable students shouldn’t miss scholarship opportunity

While the energy industry doesn’t look the same as it once did in our part of the state, and while the technology might have developed rapidly, there is no question energy will remain a vital to our economy and a strong source of employment.

That technology might have reduced the need for as many oil field workers as were once required, there are plenty of other aspects of employment in the energy sector. The demand is anticipated to be high for those with the desired skills and education.

Students attending a North Dakota college or university and who will remain a full-time student for the fall semester of 2019 and spring semester of 2020, students pursuing degrees or training in an energy-related field, are encouraged to apply for a targeted scholarship. North Dakota Petroleum Council is now accepting applications for its Al Golden Scholarship program for the 2019-2020 school year.

The NDPC will award nine $2,000 scholarships to students pursuing degrees or training in an energy-related field.

“Al Golden Scholars are selected based on academic achievement, work or internship experience in the oil and natural gas industry or a demonstrated commitment to a qualified area of study,” according to the organization upon announcing the application period was opening. “The Al Golden Memorial Scholarship Fund is named after North Dakota oil pioneer and the first member of the NDPC’s Hall of Fame, Al Golden. The scholarship is funded by individual and company contributions, as well as proceeds from the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference. Since 2008, the program has awarded more than $70,000 to students pursuing a post-secondary education in energy-related fields.”

For qualifications and application requirements for the Al Golden Scholarship, visit