Upward construction trend holds promise for Minot

The report in today’s edition concerning local construction is both a good read and good news for residents of Minot.

People are, the numbers would suggest, still coming to Minot to live, and businesses and families alike are improving their physical dwellings if not building new.

The trend has not always been this rosy, which is not to say we are experiencing any kind of a building boom. We are not. However, we are growing in most areas tracked by the city.

For example, new residential building permits issued in 2018 totaled $7.7 million; new commercial $185.5 million.

Not bad.

And it is not all due to projects associated with Trinity Health, as one might be tempted to guess.

Even without the Trinity projects, the amount of residential and commercial construction shows a stable industry over the past few years, said Mitch Flanagan, Minot building inspector.

Minot hasn’t seen a ripple effect from the Trinity construction in terms of nearby residential and commercial construction, although that is expected, Flanagan said.

Again, good news for Trinity and for Minot.

Our report noted that a significant amount of Minot’s construction activity last year related to public entities. The Minot Park District’s lion and tiger exhibits at the zoo added more than $1.86 million in permit activity alone.

We have noted in the past that this is money well spent. Improving the zoo and parks, unless done to an absurd extent, is healthy for the city. It provides current residents entertainment and cultural enrichment while attracting newcomers to the community as well.

The same goes for our schools; there is a time to build – cautiously.

Yes, Minot’s future is very promising. And that is a good thing. It is, after all, better than the alternative.