Trinity Health expands its footprint in southeast Minot

While Trinity Health’s new clinic, Trinity Health East Ridge, has been open since August, a ribbon cutting held there this week was a big moment.

A big moment for Trinity Health, a big moment for southeast Minot, a big moment for the Magic City, which continues to see improvements in healthcare and the availability and delivery of services.

Congratulations to our hometown hospital on its latest accomplishment. Even more red letter days are to come soon, we are certain.

As we reported earlier, the clinic, located at 1250 21st Avenue SE, is a building that Trinity remodeled and which houses Allergy and Immunology services and primary care.

Initially constructed as a multi-purpose office building, the space has been modified into a contemporary patient care facility, with exam and procedure rooms, reception areas, and nurses’ stations, according to information provided by Trinity.

Providers and patients alike will appreciate the new clinic. It’s new, it’s spacious and according to Trinity Health its location is key. Trinity officials want to serve patients where they are instead of asking patients to travel for medical appointments, they say.

Thomas Warsocki, vice president of physician services, said the clinic has expanded Trinity’s footprint to southeast Minot.

Well done. There are already plans to staff the clinic with more physicians in the near future, and there is even room to grow, according to Warsocki.

Even better. More is better in healthcare, especially more providers.

The opening of Trinity’s new hospital under construction in southwest Minot is still many months away but we are already looking forward to it. Won’t that be a glorious day. For Trinity Health, for southwest Minot, for all of Minot – and more – the vast surrounding area that Trinity professional healthcare workers also serve.