Drive sober or get pulled over

Drive sober or else, should instead be the message of the impaired driver enforcement campaign.

There should be no tolerance, no excuses accepted these days for people who drive under the influence, be it from booze, marijuana, illegal or prescribed drugs.

The sentiment should be nothing new, but with the state closer to seeing potentially significant increases in impaired driving by marijuana users, it’s time to reiterate the following:

Don’t drink (inject, ingest, smoke, huff, whatever) and get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

There are just so, so many better options available to wasted drivers today.

As for the enforcement campaign, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over begins Friday and runs through March 31. Good. Have at it.

Over the past five years (2014-2018), 43 percent of fatal crashes were known to involve alcohol.

“The goal of Vision Zero can only happen when drivers take personal responsibility for their actions,” said Lt. Jamie Huschka of the North Dakota Highway Patrol. “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over is a reminder to make a difference in your life and lives of others by always choosing to drive sober or to plan for a sober driver.”

Thankfully, Ward County has a new jail with lots of room for people who still think it’s OK to get buzzed or loaded and take to the streets rather than recognize their weaknesses and own up to them. They need to get help.