Tollefson family makes generous donation to Minot

Since a location was announced last July for the proposed Magic City Discovery Center, Minot has witnessed an outpouring of generous donations for this worthy cause.

The most recent announcement came earlier this week when it was made known that the Tollefson family of Minot would donate $300,000.

That is a tremendous gift from Roger and Michelle Tollefson, and Mark Tollefson and Peggy Visina.

“The Tollefson family has been an integral part of the Minot community for many years, generously supporting a variety of community projects,” said Mark Lyman, president of the MCDC Board of Directors. “It’s exciting to see that several members of the Tollefson family have decided to generously contribute their time and money to the success of the Magic City Discovery Center. Many thanks to Roger and Michelle, Mark and Peggy, and the entire Tollefson extended family for their continued community support.”

We also extend our most sincere thanks to both couples.

The $300,000 will sponsor the “Outside My Window” exhibit zone as part of the stand-alone, 21,000 square foot museum on Minot Park District land on North Hill.

Lyman explained back in July, when the location was announced, what the Discovery Center is all about.

“This will be a children’s museum where learning and fun will go hand in hand,” he said.

His board believes the museum has potential to attract 75,000 to 100,000 visitors within a few years of opening. The museum is projected to have an direct and indirect economic impact of $2 million, employing four to six full-time people and 15 part-time employees and generating $200,000 in state and local tax revenue.

It will be a magnet for children and entire families, we’re told.

“We feel strongly that Magic City Discovery Center will be a destination. Children and their families will be able to enjoy hours and hours of creative fun, learning at the same time,” Lyman also said. “We are doing this because we want those families and kids to have that best environment to grow and to learn.”

And that is precisely what the Tollefson family and others who have pledged money to the project are attracted by. Again, we share their enthusiasm and admire their commitment.

The Magic City Discovery Center can’t be built soon enough.