Don’t listen to the doomers

The new year has already brought surprises, as we learned of the recent closing of several Minot businesses.

While the end of life for a business and the impact on employees is far from positive, neither is it the end of the world. Certainly not for the entire business community anyway, as some would have us believe.

Listen to the rumors but not the doomers; Minot is still a vibrant city with a bright future.

The businesses we speak of are the subject of a story in today’s business section, and frankly, the closings will not be news to all. The fact that SuduWOK closed recently after just a few months in business flashed through the community faster than false rumors of Minot AFB closing did years ago. Good news travels fast, bad news even faster.

While it would not surprise us if additional local businesses closed up shop soon, we are not predicting that. We have no crystal ball and no inside information to share or hide. This is merely the nature of business. We are all witnessing the ever changing face of commerce.

Consider what downtown Minot once was, what it is now and what might come to fruition through plans already in place.

Remember the glory days of Town & Country Shopping Center, with Newberry’s and Young America – and then the opening of Dakota Square Mall? Again, the ever changing face of commerce.

No, the closing of a few businesses, while painful, does not mean the beginning of the end for Minot. If anything, it means opportunity for new entrepreneurs with new ideas and new products and services to offer. 2019 is going to be a surprising and exciting year in Minot, we feel.