Wishing the best for SkySkopes in 2019

If the name SkySkopes isn’t familiar to you, perhaps it will become so in 2019. We hope so, as it is a company with a very bright future – and an office in downtown Minot.

As we reported Sunday, 2018 was a good year for SkySkopes in Minot, and company president Matt Dunlevy feels positive about the year ahead too.

“I think it’s going to be a great 2019,” Dunlevy said. “I have been extremely proud of the pilots that we have here, in their ability to hone in, zero in, on the missions that are going to make a company such as ours successful. So far, we have a lot to show for it.”

The pilots? The missions? In case you missed it SkySkopes is in the cutting edge business of flying drones for commercial purposes such as inspecting pipelines – and a lot more. The applications for drones, especially in ag and energy, are endless as are the prospects for SkySkopes.

In Sunday’s front page article about the company, Dunlevy credited Minot Area Development Corp. and its president, Stephanie Hoffart, with selling them on Minot. That was a great achievement considering how many other cities bigger and smaller than Minot would love to land a new tech-focused business such as SkySkopes. Well done MADC.

There is talk of having more pilots based in Minot, and SkySkopes has plans to ramp up, to open more branch offices, Dunlevy said. It hopes to be a major player in the UAS industry.

“We are looking to stay on the cutting edge so we can have a hand in designing the industry,” Dunlevy said.

That would be great for Minot. Also, we can only hope that kind of optimism and enthusiasm becomes contagious here in 2019.