Minoters generous gifts noted

One doesn’t have to look too hard to witness examples of Minoters making the holiday season a bit brighter for others. It seems that people here truly do see Christmas as a season of giving, sharing, of spreading love and cheer to anyone nearby.

One example worth repeating is our article about what the Power of the Purse is doing this year for clients at the Minot Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

Through Power of the Purse, members of the Minot Area Community Foundation recently donated $2,000 worth of toys for all ages to the center to be given to children through their “Happier Holiday” event.

Jill Wald, Power of the Purse Member, said, “Power of the Purse is a group focused on women and children in Minot, so this opportunity was a perfect fit …”

People familiar with the crisis center know how busy it can get, and with the holidays approaching – well, any act of kindness extended toward these families is to be applauded. Well done, ladies.

There are plenty of other examples Minot Daily News has pointed out this holiday season and in previous years. The Horn of Plenty comes to mind. It always, always is a blessing to families who might otherwise go without a holiday meal.

The gift trees at places like The Foundry are also convenient means that Minoters rely on to make quiet contributions to people whom they don’t even know.

And those red kettles…we walk by one nearly every day. Sometimes multiple times when our shopping becomes more intense.

No, you don’t have to look hard to find compassionate people in Minot. But you do have to look. Take notice in the coming weeks as you make your usual rounds. You might be surprised what you see, and who is participating. For sure you will be proud you’re from Minot.