New blood in Bismarck brings opportunities

New legislators should bring with them new ideas, perspectives and philosophies when they arrive in Bismarck. Hopefully that is what Jeff Hoverson (District 3 Rep.), Bob Paulson (District 3 Rep.) and Jay Fisher (District 5 Rep.) will bring to the table, beginning next week at the organizational session and continuing through the regular legislative session next year.


One of the challenges of virtual one-party governance is that it can lead to monolithic thinking, groupthink, little pressure or inspiration to innovate and no need to compromise across the aisle. It’s not conducive to the critical thinking that can lead to positive change.

That said, new members present the opportunity to change that. If freshmen members opt to buck the status quo, challenge existing norms if needed, consistently choose principle over political expediency, then there is a chance for innovation.

Will it happen?

It remains to be seen.

If so, it’s got to start with the new members.


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