First responders warrant year-round thanks

As many of us gather around the dinner table tomorrow with family and friends to observe the holiday, hopefully most will take a moment to consider those things for which we are thankful.

Let’s make sure our first responders, our life savers and those who protect and preserve us are in our thoughts and prayers.

They should be all year-round.

Consider Thanksgiving. While revelry make up most of the day for most people, for others, the bulk of the day is spent in service to the community.

While we enjoy home and hearth, there are still police on the streets and on hand as needed. EMS and firefighters remain vigilant, prepared to race off to wherever needed to protect lives and property.

It isn’t just the first responders one might envision. Doctors, nurses and other health professionals still staff emergency medical facilities for those in need on holidays.

All of these people enable the rest of us with peace of mind to enjoy our own holiday, fully aware that the safety sentinels are on the job providing a layer of security for our families.

There really isn’t a specific holiday to recognize first responders and life savers. Maybe there should be.

Or maybe every holiday we get to spend at home or with friends or family, we should take into consideration those people still on the job protecting the community – those whose holidays might look very different than ours.

That seems the least we can do.