Exciting opportunities as Parks look to future

We love our parks in Minot. For good reason. The Minot Park District is almost universally hailed as expansive, effective and responsive to the community. For a city our size, our parks are relatively exceptional and when one considers the zoo, the District should be held up as a model for other communities.

Now, the public is being invited to help the District craft a vision for the next five years and it is a great opportunity to help shape the city.

A previous five year plan was successful. Accomplishments in the past five years have included a third rink at Maysa Arena, completion of the nearly three-mile Woodland Trail on Minot’s west side, work on softball fields, turf at Corbett Field and projects at the zoo. One incomplete goal was an indoor aquatic center, but that could carry into a future plan if residents want to keep the idea alive.

Projects currently under consideration include the proposed Jefferson Park in east Minot, more improvements at Polaris Park in north Minot, completion of a new big cat habitat at Roosevelt Park Zoo, development around Maysa Arena, collaboration on the planned Magic City Discovery Center, and more.

It’s an ambitious agenda, but also one open to molding from community input. The park district has begun gathering project input from staff to take to the park board in the new year, and a public meeting is likely to be scheduled next February.

The park district and city also continue to meet to discuss a merger. Information will be presented and comments taken at a public meeting Dec. 10.

Everyone benefits from the superior nature of Minot parks. They are huge contributors to our quality of life, they make Minot appealing to young families and they draw people from outside the city to enjoy our town. Thus, the public has a vested interest in the ongoing success of the Park District.

Have your voice heard this winter.