Entertainment an oasis in holiday season

Pace yourself!

With the holiday season officially having arrived this weekend, the month ahead is going to be a busy one if your season looks like so many others.

There will be friends and family and fun, for sure. There will also be packed schedules, long days and nights, parties, visits and visitors and arduous shopping for many. While considered the happiest time of the year, it can also be… a bit much. As in exhausting, stressful and often rushed.

The latter don’t sound so happy, do they?

One sure way to get a break from the stressful aspects of the season is entertainment – as in local entertainment programming revolving around the holidays. Incorporating a community holiday event, or two, or more, introduces a different dimension to the season, whether it is for the whole family or just for mom and dad to get some time together away from obligations.

Minot Daily News will not presume to look ahead at the December schedule of events and offer specific suggestions, for fear of neglecting to mention some worthwhile events. Fortunately, between the newspaper’s Arts & Entertainment section, calendar of events, Weekender section and features on local entertainment and entertainers, readers can regularly review a solid analysis of opportunities. Besides, entertainment is in the eye of the beholder.

However, suffice it to say that from home tours and lights, performing and visual arts, church programming and more – there is plenty going on outside of retail sales and office parties.

Take some time this season to step away from the holiday routines, or make some new ones, and create the opportunity to add the element of local entertainment into your activities. It will make for either a good break in your routine or else it will enrich your overall holiday experience. Either way, it help make your holiday memorable while supporting local organizations that work hard to bring this component to the holidays.

It’s a win-win.