Food, the perfect gift

Have you ever been hungry? No, really hungry.

Have you ever watched a child or an elderly person go without food?

Fortunately, most of us have not had such visions burned into our brains. Yet we all know such at-risk people exist in our communities.

One way to keep those horrible images out of mind is to help alleviate hunger locally. Here’s how that can happen.

The Minot Area Community Foundation recently announced the start of its second annual Food Pantry Challenge Grant program.

Participating organizations are asked to set a goal of collecting 1,000 pounds or more of food during a single collection drive for a designated food pantry. If successful, that organization’s designated food pantry will also receive a $500 grant from the MACF Arnold I. Besserud Fund. As an extra incentive, the organization with the most pounds collected from a single event will get an additional $1,000 to be sent to the pantry of its choosing.

Area organizations are invited to utilize the Donation Station in the coming months to collect items and stock area food pantries for a chance to win additional grant dollars for the food pantry of their choosing.

Last year, nine organizations participated, collecting over 8,000 pounds of food. MACF distributed $3,000 in grant money because of the challenge grant’s success.

This year’s challenge grant will run from Sept. 1 through Feb. 28. Food collection events must take place within this time frame and The Donation Station must be utilized for the event.

Eligible Minot food pantries include Our Lady of Grace, The Lord’s Cupboard and Salvation Army. Rural communities wanting to participate will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Contact the Minot Area Community Foundation at 852-0646 for more information.

It’s no secret that people go without enough to eat year-round. This, however, is the early, early stages of the season of giving, when most of us are more inclined to share our bounty with people in need. People whom we don’t know personally. Or do we? One doesn’t always know in which families the lack of food is a serious issue.

Consider this; food is the perfect gift to give those we wish to assist. It keeps. You can’t guess wrong since size, color and fashion style does not apply. It is needed by all. It can and likely will be shared.

This, for additional reasons, is an exceptionally worthy cause to get behind. The organizations are known to all of us; they are credible. And with the pantries involved we know that distribution will be fair and respectful to those who come forth seeking help in a difficult time. Let’s get behind it.

Please participate.