What will they think of next?

Maybe it’s the beer talking but doesn’t it seem like Minoters are getting more and more creative with their business models?

The beer reference, of course, relates to the business feature to be found in today’s edition, which relates to the renovation of one of Minot’s most iconic buildings.

The Westland filling station on East Central Avenue is one of those buildings people say they wish would never be lost. It’s a charming structure very much associated with one of Minot’s earliest posh neighborhoods, Eastwood Park, and now is a craft brewery.

You can read the article for yourself, but the point being made here is that lately some rather good business ideas have been tried in Minot. Each has its own risks but so far so good. For example, the indoor trampoline business located in a former shopping mall was well received as was the indoor miniature golf course downtown. By the way, that business in adding Pride Dairy ice cream to its offerings, which is really a can’t miss decision.

Then there are the various “maker” businesses, and food trucks, which have been very, very popular in Minot. Even more popular in its short life, it seems, is the new bread store on South Broadway. That one isn’t exactly a new idea, but having a quality bakery located in the heart of fast food country has to be considered unique, maybe bold too.

Back to the beer. Eric Johnson, Nick Holwegner, Brady Dixon and Dylan Davis, the men behind Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks, have made a lot of people happy just by repurposing the Westland station that has been part of Minot since 1929. Imagine how revered these young entrepreneurs will be if customers like the products they make and Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks really catches on.

We are all in favor of that happening.

A brewery in an old filling station? What will they think of next? Stayed tuned.