State should reveal some of governor’s security spending

A minor controversy is brewing in the state revolving around Gov. Doug Burgum’s security spending. Some watchdogs and other politicians are questioning the amount of money spent on security relative to previous governors.

The problem is no one knows what that amount is. Details of security operations is, obviously and rightly, secret. Obviously this is to enhance security and not undermine what all efforts are in place. Makes perfect sense.

However, not being willing to reveal anything about costs comes across as disengenuous. It inevitably leads to questions about whether the governor or the state has something to hide. And if they do, what is it and why?

Obviously we all want necessary security for our office holders. On the other hand, access to office holders in North Dakota is one of the things that sets it apart from some other states, that leaves residents feeling like true stakeholders. If that access is hanging, residents deserve to know it.

Additionally, if there is a threat to the governor that is uncommon, perhaps the public should know that too. The result would be hundreds of thousands of eyes on the street, buoying security. Because that is the kind of people we are here.

Being left in the dark, however, breeds paranoia and distrust.

The governor or Highway Patrol (in charge of the governor’s security) should release some data to enhance confidence in the belief that nothing untoward is happening in regard to Burgum’s security. Obviously, copious quantities of information is inappropriate.

But at least some information should bridge this growing chasm of trust.