Serious season kicks off this week

f this past gorgeous weekend was any example, there are numerous more wonderful summer days ahead of us; many more days at the lake; many more lazy days at home – all before we lose the advantage of our best weather of the year.

But already there are signs that the summer silly season is winding down. Parents are beginning to deal with the rigors of back to school; the iconic summer NDSF has shut down for the season; and days will get slightly shorter in the weeks ahead.

Serious season is setting in and Minot and Ward County residents are advised to check back in for important policy discussions.

Already, Ward County has released its preliminary budget and it doesn’t seem to be pleasing many people. This week, the City of Minot will roll out its budget.

Both the city and county are exerting noteworthy effort to try to keep budgets under control in an era in which demand is greater than supply and when public appetite for even minimal tax increases is hovering around absolute zero.

However, there are realities to doing the people’s business and there are realities for maintaining requisite service levels, funding needs and servicing debt. That means that even if the city and county both exhibit the wisdom of Solomon, there will still be argument, acrimony and debate. These are the days in which we live, the sad reality of tough economic times following years of questionable admnstration.

Minot Daily News strongly calls on city and council residents to engage in the budgets’ processes this year, to let their voices be heard and to stay abreast of the challenges we will all face in the year ahead. MDN furthermore calls for civility in the debate. All parties are exerting effort to keep budgets workable and the impact down on the average taxpayer. Let’s show some respect for those efforts this year, at the same time we engage with our leaders with the best suggestions we have and the support we can muster.

It’s serious season now. Hopefully we can engage with that awareness and with a degree of sensitivity and respect for the professionals who honestly seek to do right by taxpayers and residents.