It’s a good time to be a kid in Minot

Minot struggled for decades to rebut the often heard criticism – there’s nothing to do in Minot.

Not so today.

Case in point, the article in today’s edition about the good things happening at the Taube Museum of Art, which is kicking off its 2018-2019 year of Children’s Art Classes.

They will be offering a diverse range of classes for all ages from nine months and beyond.

One of the classes is “A Start In Art,” which runs bi-monthly from September to May, Tuesday or Wednesday at 9:30 am. Children listen to stories, receive visits from different zoo animals and work on related art projects. This program is designed for children between the ages of nine months and five years.

Then there is “Art All Around,” geared toward children who have an interest in further art exploration.

Students will complete their own masterpiece during each session. Classes are held bi-monthly on Thursdays at 4 p.m.

There are several other opportunities for kids at the Taube meant to spark an interest in art. That is especially helpful to parents who want to expose their children to more than just video games and athletics, not to pick on those activities, which have their own degrees of value.

Look around and you’ll see that the Taube is not alone in its efforts to reach children at their own levels of interest. The Minot Public Library has made great strides in recent years at getting kids to come to the library and then engaged them in learning and socializing activities.

The same can be said about our Roosevelt Park Zoo, and the Minot Rec Commission. We can only imagine more good coming for young patrons if those two entities merge as is being discussed.

Speaking of imagination, on the horizon is the Discovery Center that will be built on North Hill. That promises to be a great hit with kids and parents.

As for south Minot, well, the Minot Family YMCA has been nothing short of a pillar for youth since moving to its “new” location years ago.

We are not prepared to say that kids in Minot have as many or more opportunities than kids in Bismarck, Fargo or Williston are afforded. Perhaps so, but that would require some research and comparison. What we will say is there is now plenty to do in Minot.

And, it is definitely a good time to be a kid in the Magic City.