Good luck, Airman Hanley

If Airman Caleb Hanley of Minot Air Force Base has his way, R&B singer Brandy will see his YouTube video asking her to be his date for the Air Force Ball at Minot Air Force Base next month — and, presumably, agree to come.

You’ve seen the plot before. Yes, usually it’s prom and it was frequently in the movies of the 1980s (the ’80s might not actually have existed were it not for the theme), but you have seen it before. Need a date for a big event? Shoot for the stars and invite… a star! Perhaps the star of your dream, even! Who knows? Occasionally it does work — in the ouvre of the ’80s and in reality.

To get his invitation to the singer, Hanley, with the help of a couple of his friends, Senior Airman LauRen Washington and Airman Taylor Grier, both also at the Minot base, put together a video last week asking Brandy Norwood, known professionally as Brandy, to be his date for the event on Sept. 15. The YouTube video is posted on Facebook and other social media.

As of this weekend, MDN is unaware of any response from Brandy.

MDN does wish Airman Hanley the best of luck in his quest! Hopefully, somewhere, somehow…