Get out and do your civic duty today

Early voting might be a convenience for many people and attracting as many voters as possible is certainly a good thing. Still, hopefully several days of early voting doesn’t prevent residents from voting today. It would be unfortunate in a sense if votes that had already been cast discouraged even one citizen from doing their civic duty today and making their voice heard on Election Day.

Minot Daily News routinely encourages participation in our public processes – whether people run for office, attend meetings, educate themselves on issues and speak out, or at least make sure to vote. As such, there is no more important day than Election Day (even primary day!). It is the ultimate expression of our rights and responsibilities as citizens and residents of this community. While it is unrealistic to assert that those who don’t vote don’t have the right to complain, it nevertheless minimizes the impact of a complaint if the person voicing it can’t be bothered to even vote.

So many people in our own history and around the world have given their very lives for the right to vote. For the right for us to vote. It dishonors the memories of this nation’s freedom fighters to scoff at the rights they died to secure for us. Now imagine the Civil Rights workers and Women’s Rights workers who sacrificed so much to make sure all Americans could play a part in the election process.

As citizens, we have one sacred duty, and this is it. MDN urges you to get to the polls today, if you have not already, and let your voice be heard. Let’s improve on the voter participation percentages of the past.

Yes, this is just a primary election. While few local positions will be decided, most votes simply set the state for the general election in November. With big ticket items on the November ballot, it certainly is the more intriguing one. But those decisions made locally this week will still have tremendous impact on our everyday lives – perhaps even more impact than the choices we make in November.

Our voting system is easy and quick. Let’s make sure we get out and do our duty. It’s only fair to those people who came before us and afforded us this important right.