Competition may liven up primary

District 3 voters might be in for a more intense competition in this year’s Republican primary than some may have previously thought.

Rep. Andrew Maragos and Ward County Commissioner Alan Walter, who were passed over for the Republican Party endorsement this week, have both asserted that they will mount primary challenges. District 3 Republicans endorsed Jeff Hoverson and Bob Paulson for the House and incumbent Oley Larsen for the Senate.

While there may or may not be philosophical or policy differences between the candidates – hopefully that will be on view during the primary contest – the competition is good for the party, voters and the entire system.

Too often our system, or perhaps it’s also our particular culture, leads to too little competition for some elected positions. The result is that voters lose out on the value of the marketplace of ideas. Even the best small group of elected officials will not produce the volume and diversity of ideas that a larger group of candidates will.

Good for Mr. Maragos and Mr. Walter for making this primary competitive.

Voters would benefit from more competition across the board. They would benefit from diversity. They would benefit from two (or more) viable, strong parties pitching their visions for the future of North Dakota.

At the very least, this is a start.


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