Prepare for nuclear arms race

Leaders in several Middle Eastern countries have seen the handwriting all the wall regarding U.S. acquiescence in a “deal” over Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Clearly, they recognize, it will mean atomic warheads on Iranian missiles within just a few years.

Some are not waiting to be subjected to nuclear blackmail. Last week, a United Arab Emirates official informed U.S. lawmakers that his country has as much right as Iran to enrich uranium – the first step in building nuclear weapons.

At least the UAE official is being candid. Others in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, are being more circumspect – but are exploring the possibilities for their own nuclear weapons. Some can afford to buy all that is necessary within a few months.

Far from lessening the possibility of nuclear war, then, the deal with Iran may well increase it. U.S. officials should begin preparing – realistically – for that.


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