Trust times 30,000

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is running for president whether she will admit it or not, is telling voters that on matters of importance to every American, we will have to trust her. Not just once, but 30,000 times.

During four years as the nation’s chief diplomat, Clinton broke a rule that email traffic on State Department business must go through a government account. She sent and received about 60,000 messages during the period, all on a private email account.

To make certain of secrecy, Clinton had her own private email server installed in her home.

All of this is bad enough, in part because of the greater ease a foreign spy could have enjoyed in hacking into her private server instead of a government computer.

Clinton says she will turn over to the State Department only about half the emails on her server. The rest, about 30,000, are personal, she insists.

How convenient. Communications she alone deems personal will be kept secret. Because it’s her server, no one can stop her.

Clinton could have kept personal and official emails separate by using a government account for official business. She chose not to do that.

So now, Americans have no choice but to trust her 30,000 times – or not.