Marine Corps to celebrate special birthday

This November 10 will mark a special birthday for the United States Marine Corps. Not only will they celebrate their 246th birthday, but also their 100th year of celebrating their birthday on November 10.

To help celebrate their birthday, here are a few facts about the Marine Corps:

–The second Continental Congress established the Continental Marines on November 10, 1775.

–The Marine Corps was created in the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, PA, and that is where the first Marines enlisted in the Corps.

–Along with the Continental Navy, the Continental Marines were dissolved after the Revolutionary War.

–President John Adams re-established the Marine Corps on July 11, 1798, which became their new birthday.

–In 1921, Major Edwin North McClellan suggested the original date of November 10th be declared a holiday and be re-established as their official birthday.

–The motto of which Marines live by is Semper Fidelis (always faithful).

–The ceremonial birthday cake is cut for the first time with a blade dating back to 1805.

–The cake cutting ceremony became part of the Marine Drill Manual in 1956.

–The Marine Corps Hymn was part of an opera (Genevieve de Brabant) by French composer Jacques Offenbach.

–The nickname Leathernecks came from the leather collar they were issued every year beginning in 1798 as part of their uniform to keep the head and neck erect when their dress uniform was worn. Today’s dress uniform still bears tribute to that tradition.

–The Marine Corps Code of Ethics is Honor, Courage, Commitment.

–They were dubbed the nickname “Devil Dogs” by the Germans at the Battle of Belleau Wood, France during WWI. It was said the Germans worst fear was coming face to face with the Marines as the Marines fought with such ferocity they were likened to ‘Dogs from Hell.”

–The Marines are “known for their unwavering patriotism, tenacity, and long-term commitment to their country and their brothers in arms.”

Happy Birthday, oorah!


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