Talking Trinity: The Trinity Health Campus and Medical District goals

ur goal is to develop and implement a North Dakota regionally-based, integrated healthcare campus, one that that expands service capabilities in Minot, the region and Canada; fosters collaboration between providers; minimizes duplication of technology and resources; and sets a new standard in personalized care through the active promotion of the health and well-being of our communities.

Our vision is to be recognized as the preferred regional healthcare provider. Trinity Health will achieve and sustain excellence by being futuristic and proactive in continuous performance improvement, exceeding professional quality standards and customer expectations, providing sensitivity in service delivery and excellence in skills, and by practicing efficient utilization of resources. We will provide a seamless continuum of services including health and wellness promotion, prevention, primary care, acute care, specialized short-term care, transitional care, and long-term care in a collaborative effort.

Strategies to advance Trinity Health toward this vision include:

— We will build on the collaborative and collegial healthcare market that exists in our region today, supporting the efforts of all providers while minimizing the expenditures on duplicative efforts.

— We will be consumer-focused, meeting defined health and wellness needs at the time and place and by the provider most appropriate for the individual. Patients will receive the right care at the right time and in the right setting.

— We will focus on building infrastructure systems that avoid duplication of efforts and confusion between providers and patients, enabling a seamless continuum of care and outreach to residents who are unable to travel to Minot. Examples of these efforts include: electronic medical records for all providers in the region, central records for diagnostic testing results, telemedicine, and electronic access to personal health records. Physical relationships between various clinical departments will be developed to allow flexibility of care, integration and sharing of technology and efficiency of staff utilization.

— We will work with payers of healthcare, both insurance companies and employers, to develop flexible and appropriate reimbursement that reward desired outcomes.

— We will maintain local control of the campus and the services offered. This will be a unique model in as much as many rural communities have experienced local medical care that is controlled by a health system not based in their communities. The local community will be able to make its own decisions about what is best for its residents and continue to enjoy the fiscal success of Trinity Health.

We believe that there is an opportunity within North Dakota for an innovative model of care and an approach toward health and wellness of a population that will serve as an example for all rural communities across the United States.

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