Torrey Marcel Cenis

April 11, 1967-Oct. 9, 2021

Torrey Marcel Cenis,

beloved Son, Husband,

Father, Brother and

Friend, was called Home

on October 9, 2021.

Torrey, born in Spokane

on April 11, 1967, was a

loving and supportive

son, He was a husband

who completed the per-

fect pairing, and the fun,

attentive father on whom

daughters base life

choices. Torrey was the

youngest of four brothers,

all who made their

parents justly proud.

The definition of friend

is – Torrey. He was one,

and had multitudes of

them. While family came

first, friends were always

close. Whether it was

hockey, soccer, basketball,

golf, folf, fishing, camp-

ing, white water rafting or

live music shows, he was

among friends, if not fam-

ily. Many engaging, fun

and funny stories will be

told and retold about

“Trigs” for a long time to


Torrey’s childhood was

spent in the Seattle area

briefly, but the years

preceding Montana were

in Spokane, where he and

brothers often spent

whole days fishing, skat-

ing, or exploring at Mani-

to and other parks on the

South Hill. In 1974, the

family became Mon-

tanans, deeming this state

the best for raising young

men. Torrey learned how

to work hard in the Big-

fork Christmas tree indus-

try as a youth, then had

other local jobs, even fish-

ing in Alaska in summers

to help finance college.

The U of M was where

Torrey met the love of his

life, Jackie. He was Sigma

Chi, and she, across the

street, was Alpha Phi.

They both graduated and

soon wed. For a short

while after marriage, the

young couple lived in

Seattle where he first

worked in insurance

claims, and later worked

for Mitsubishi. When

their first daughter, Kyra,

a miniature Torrey, was

born, Montana called, and

it was back to UM to raise

their family. Three years

later, the family

(self-proclaimed ‘Da Fam’)

was made perfectly com-

plete with their youngest,

and Torrey’s little helper,

Karli. If you knew Torrey,

you know his three girls

were his entire world.

Back in Missoula,

Torrey was employed first

with the Foundation and

Grizzly Athletic Associa-

tion. When Torrey fully

entered the insurance

business, he first was in

sales, but really hit his

stride in management. He

was always a highly prin-

cipled and ethical gentle-

man in all his dealing

with both clients and col-


After years working in

Missoula and Hamilton,

Torrey saw opportunity

beckon in North Dakota.

Not an easy choice for a

couple of Montanans, but

they were looking to the

future and retirement

back in the Treasure

State. Again, both ex-

celled, made many new

friends, and charged

ahead with new recrea-

tional endeavors.

Torrey leaves his wife

of 32 years, Jacqueline

Reeves; daughter Kyra

Christine of Missoula;

daughter Karli Rae and fi-

ance Quintin of Portland,

OR. Parents left are Willi-

am and Patricia Cenis of

Plains, MT. Torrey leaves

three brothers: Christo-

pher Edward and wife

Sharla, Mark William and

wife Lisa, Ian Robert and

wife Becky. Left also are

nine nieces and nephews,

and six of their children.

And he would insist we

mention his two live-in

children; pups, Oakley

and Gordy. Finally, many

friends we cannot name

for fear of missing any.

All were “best.”

Services will be held at

Garden City Funeral

Home on Saturday, Oc-

tober 16, 2021 at 10:00

am. For those unable to

attend, the service will be

livestreamed at



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