David Garner

Jan. 31, 1948-June 22, 2020

David L Garner passed

away June 22, 2020 in

Max, ND, after balancing

a life filled with family

and a consuming passion

for farming and ranching.

Farm animal welfare

was his first love and he

was very proud of his 4-H

and FFA immersion

which led him to become

a dairy farmer. David was

particularly proud of his

work in 4-H and FFA

which culminated in his

“State Dairy Production”

award gained during his

time at Watseka High

School (1966).

He attended The

University of Illinois and

completed 2 years of col-

lege but had to interrupt

his educational pursuit to

respond to his country’s

call. His enlistment in the

US Air Force in 1969 sta-

tioned him at Minot, ND,

a place he had to go learn

about through his public


The Air Force took him

away from his parents and

family home but led him

meet his lovely wife of 49

years, Tamara (Osadchy,

Max, ND). David and

Tamara initially settled

near his family in Watse-

ka, Illinois, where togeth-

er they started his dairy

farm and raised their first

3 children. David and

Tammy were extremely

adaptive farmers that

flowed with the needs of

the times starting with

dairy cattle, but progress-

ing through beef cattle,

pig farrowing, and pork

production as the market


He and the local vet

pioneered the first animal

control facility in Iroquois

County, Illinois, utilizing

the lessons on animal care

learned through years of

owning a federally

licensed dog kennel. He

always looked to further

his family’s concerns and

departed from farming for

a time to become a USDA

Federal Meat Inspector.

He worked in both Chi-

cago, IL, and West Fargo,

ND, which allowed David

and Tammy to ultimately

settle near Tammy’s fami-

ly at their small farm in

Max, ND.

It was here they were

led into devoting their

time to the foster child

program for 16 years

through multiple agen-

cies. This rewarding ex-

perience led them to

adopt two more children,

completing their family of


David continued raising

animals of all kinds as he

was the primary parent at

home. He enjoyed sharing

his love of animals with

all starting with his own

family, their community

with involvement in 4-H,

and even introducing

their many foster children

to farm family life.

He was preceded in

death by: his parents,

William and Frances

Garner, and his

grandchild, Zara.

He is survived by: his

wife Tamara, his 5 chil-

dren, Christine (Mike

Sandland), Doreen (Ross

Hinsz), Shawn (Ashley,

nee Fuchs), Dovine, and

Heather. He is also sur-

vived by his 10 grandchil

dren, Michael, Chloe,

Benjamin, Sage, Andrew,

Maureen, Evelyn, Jackson,

Emery, and Hudson.

An open house memori

al service (due to the

current corona virus res-

trictions) will be held in

Garrison, ND, at Thomp-

son Funeral Home on

Wednesday, July 1, 2020,

from 4-7 pm.

Burial will take place at

The North Dakota

Veterans Cemetery in

Mandan, ND, at 11 am on

Thursday, July 2, 2020.

Memorials may be sent

to The St. Jude’s

Children’s Foundation.