Kimberly Kaye Atol

June 11, 1965-May 17, 2020

Kimberly “Kimber”

Kaye Atol, 54, of Willis-

ton, ND passed away at

her home on May 17,

2020 with her loving hus-

band, Billy, at her side.

Kimber was born June

11, 1965 in Palestine, Tex-

as, to Eddie and Laura


She moved to Great

Falls, Mont., in 1977 at

age 12, then moved to

Williston ND in 1984 at

age 18. This is where she

would meet the loves of

her life, Bill Atol and her

first two children Anna

and Eli. She fell in love

with both kids immediate-ly and from that moment,

they were hers and she

was mom.

Billy and Kimber

moved to California and

married May 9, 1987. Eli

and Anna soon followed.

For more than 12 years

she was employed by

Johnny Rebs’. Initially

she waitressed; patrons

would wait so they could

be at her table. Within a

very short time, she was

promoted to the manage-

ment role, working long

days. Many menu items

were attributed to Kimber,

such as her fried apple

pie. With her baby blues,

her beautiful personality

and strong work ethic,

Johnny Rebs’ became an

icon. She discovered her

love for decorating, remo-

deled the Southern Res-

taurant and further assist-ed to add on 2 more

Johnny Rebs’ Restaurants

in Belfower and Lancaster


September 1997, her

miracle appeared, Madis-

on “Stink Bug” was born.

Her dreams were coming

true. She could put her

toes in the sand, and con-

tinue decorating

businesses while being a


In 2008, the family re-

turned to Williston to care

for Billy’s aging parents,

Myrtle and Turtle

(George) Atol. Kimber be-

came a caregiver in addi-

tion to her angelic / bub-

bly personality.

In 2012 she conquered

her wildest dream and be-

came known as the in-

famous “Blondie”, while

opening her catering busi-

ness, Blondie’s Feed Your

Soul Food. She soared as

her business became

known throughout Willis-

ton and surrounding

counties. Her infectious

personality and delicious

cooking brought a taste of

food Williston had never

seen. Her Etouffee’ was

truly a favorite of many,

as well as her Biscuits and

Gravy. Her favorite quote

was “Never eat more than

you can lift”, Miss Piggy.

Her talents did not go un-

noticed as she accom-

plished not only a name

for herself, she was given

several awards. In 2017

she was awarded the

Shamrockin’ the Bakken

Taste of Williston Family

Favorites. 2018 she

walked away with Bras for

a Cause People’s Choice

award and 1st place in the

Gumbo Cook-off. Kimber

shined brightly as the

2018-2019 Best of the

Bakken Best Chef and

Best of the Bakken Best

Caterer awards. Many

weddings, graduations,

Christmas events and

even funerals were host-

ed. Her nearest and

dearest annual event was

hosting the Veterans.

Her kitchen became her

prayer room, behind the

scenes, while preparing

her food, she would often

pray for the people she

would be feeding. Not

only were tummies being

filled, souls were being


Kimber loved children

and squeezing that baby

sweet meat! Throughout

her life and till the very

end, she was chasing little

ones and stealing

smooches. She was a

second mom to so many,

the one you could trust,

she was the rational mind

and her advice was im-

peccable. Kimber’s

greatest quality would be

her loving and forgiving

heart. She gave con-

sistently without a second

thought. She managed to

be a stranger’s best friend

in 5 minutes. She made

everyone feel like they

were the most important

and valued person in her

life. Kimber knew how to

love genuinely and dee-


Kimber had an abun-

dant amount of friends in

which she continued to

stay in touch with for de-

cades. No matter how

much time in between,

her love remained. Her

closest friends captured

many belly laughs while

on girl’s trips with

Kimber. Nicknames re-

placed family and closest

friend’s names, these will

forever be cherished.

“Dennis” can never be re-

placed by another.

Kimber is survived by:

her husband Bill Atol,

Williston, ND.

Her children: Daughter

Anna (Brian) Bourgeois,

Costa Mesa, CA, Son Eli

(Megan) Atol, Tehachapi,

CA and daughter, Madis-

on Atol, Williston, ND.

Nani’s Angels: (Her

beautiful grandchildren)

Charlie & Alice Bour-

geois. Olivia, Isabella, &

Mila Atol. Gracie, Gus &

Gabby Kries.

Her Parents: Eddie,

Laura Hollingsworth

Her Siblings: Shauna

Gutierrez, Eddie Hol-

lingsworth Jr, Kevin Hol-

lingsworth, Katie Hol-

lingsworth, Seth Hollings-

worth, Hannah Bassett,

and Leslee Hollingsworth.

Her nieces and

nephews, which she

adored: Mandi (Billy)

Kreis; Reagan Guttierrez;

Luke, Rylan, Emma Hol-

lingsworth; MJ, Emery

and Wyatt Shead.

The Atol family would

like to give a special thank

you and sincere gratitude

to longtime soul sister,

Leslie Chase and husband

Scott, for their dedication

and love while in Texas.

To the MD Anderson doc-

tors and nurses for their

extraordinary care as well

as the oncology / hospice

nurses in Williston, thank

you and may God Bless

you all. To “her purpose

for chemo”, Bristol, you

will be watched over by

your new guardian angel

from above.

Kimber was an amazing

and dedicated disciple of

God, spreading His word

throughout her walk

while on this earth.

Jeremiah 30:17 “For I

will restore Health to you

and heal you of your

wounds,” says the Lord.

Kimber, you are

renewed and restored, fly

high and dance with the

angels! OX

Cremation has taken

place and there will be a

Memorial Service honor-

ing Kimber’s life at a later

date this summer. Fulker-

son Stevenson Funeral

Home of Williston, ND is

assisting the family.

Friends may sign the

on-line register and give

their condolences at