Donald Leroy Howard

Sept. 1, 1938 – May 17, 2020

Donald Leroy Howard

passed away, in Chicago,

IL, on May 17, 2020, at

age 82. Donald was born

September 1, 1938 in El-

bowoods, ND, to Myra

Baker Howard, later Snow

(Mandan, Hidatsa), and

George Howard (Arikara).

He was a member of the

C’icga (Prairie Chicken)

Clan and was given the

name Macee-‘hci Gar’shda

(Young Chief) which had

belonged to his maternal


After his honorable

discharge from the US Air

Force, Donald lived in

various states before set-

tling in Chicago where

met the love of his life,

Jane Howard; they mar-

ried August 18, 1979.

Donald was the pillar of

strength for his family in

the most gentle and kind-

est way. He was compas-

sionate during times of

tragedy and quietly proud

during times of celebra-


Donald will be missed

by all who knew him, and

we can only take solace

knowing that our older

brother, protector, friend,

and support, lived a long,

full, and strong life.

Donald is survived by his

wife of 41 years, Jane Ho-

ward; brothers, Gary

Chase and Billy Hale; sis-

ters, Phyllis Howard, El-

izabeth Morsette, and

Karol Parker; and

numerous nieces,

nephews, and grandchil-


Private services in

North Dakota were held

on Wednesday, May 20,

2020 in New Town.

Interment is at the Mar-

yhill Catholic Cemetery in

Niles, Illinois.