Marc Levings

Aug. 23, 1997-Feb. 14, 2020

Marc William “Standing

Tall” Levings, was born

on August 23, 1997 to Al-

vina (Crows Heart) Lev-

ings and Marcus Domin-

ick Levings in Minot,

North Dakota. He was

baptized within the Chris-

tian faith as were his

parents and grandparents.

Marc Williams was a

member of the Prairie

Chicken Clan and a Child

of the Three Clan Flint

Knife. Marc Williams was

a direct descendent of

Chief Hard Horn on his

father’s side and the last

Mandan Chief, Chief

Crows Heart, on his

mother’s side. Marc Wil-

liams was the name that

both Grandmas, the late

Eleanor Crows Heart and

the late Rezilda Brady

Wells, referred to him by,

adding the “s” on to Willi-

am, which he lovingly ex-

cepted. Also, his sisters

and aunts also referred to

him as “Baby Marc”,

“Uncle Marc” and “Daddy

Marc”, which he also

gladly answered to, for

their loving sakes.

Marc Williams attended

New Town Public Schools

from kindergarten

through ninth grade. He

then transferred to Man-

daree Public Schools.

While in both schools,

Marc Williams shared his

music, as an accom-

plished percussionist

(drum and cymbals). One

highlight was being nom-

inated, by his band in-

structor at Mandaree, and

selected to, the North

Dakota High School Band,

which traveled to Europe

during the 2012-13 school


Marc Williams’ passion

was his music; with his

heart and soul vibes of

Hard Rock, Modern Rock,

and Pop Music. He creat-

ed music with the Electric

Steel Guitar, Electric Bass

Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,

Six String, Twelve String,

Acoustic Bass Guitar, Pi-

ano, Organ, and his first

love-percussion drums!

Many of his musical

masteries are on Facebook

and YouTube. Although,

very modest, humble and

a man of a few words, his

music spoke for him!

Marc Williams partici-

pated basketball, for the

Mandaree Warriors, in

2012-2013, and was

named the Most Improved

Player at Mandaree High

School. He also partici-

pated in the Annual Wells

Rifle Shoots with his sis-

ters, Alyssa and Mariah,

friends, Jerry White Owl,

Curtis Fox, Mackenzie

Morsette, Marc Bluestone,

Jr. and all the other youth.

Win or lose, after they

participated, it was back

to the trampoline and the

Guitar Hero, in the House

at Wells Road (BIA 27).

Marc Williams and his

shooting pals also loved to

hunt and fish in God’s

Country of the Fort Bert-

hold Reservation every

summer, fall, and winter.

Marc Williams’ other

hobby was skateboarding

at the skate parks and

behind fast moving cars,

which he hitched a ride

on without his Papa’s per-

mission! Of course, or (to

him) what Papa and

Momma did not know

wouldn’t hurt us. In addi-

tion to this, he got his

license to drive, at the

young age of 14; he drove

all the musicians and

skater boys and girls

around town. He was

friendly and courteous to


Marc Williams believed

in his traditional ways

and participated in the

Native American Church

prayers with his grandfa-

thers and uncles. As an

eighth grader, he was

once called to serve as the

Vice President of the Four

Bears Pow Wow, which

was held at the Four Bears

Casino & Lodge Events

Center. He was also called

to participate in war bon-

net dances for his clan

aunts and uncles.

Marc Williams loved to

travel; he would bring

along as many friends as

possible. He went on trips

to Hawaii (swimming

with the sea otters), Dis-

ney Land, Disney World,

San Diego, Washington

(Yakama Nation), Oregon,

California and Las Vegas,

Nevada Coast Trip 2019,

and many other out of

state adventures. Riding

scary rides was a treat for

Marc Williams, as he and

Jerry White Owl, rode the

New York New York Roll-

er Coaster in Las Vegas,

well over 70 times on one

of their traveling vacation

adventures. Marc Willi-

ams, upon turning the age

of 21 last year, enjoyed

trying his luck at the casi-

nos, with his mom, dad,

and sisters.

Marc Williams accom-

panied his grandfather

and horseman, Marcus

Wells (Black Raven).

While Grandpa trained

his riding horses, at the

Wells Horse Corrals, next

to Marc Williams home at

Wells Road, he was there

to visit and be by his

grandfather’s side.

Marc Williams also was

“A Tail” who accom-

panied his dad, Marcus D.

Wells, Jr., everywhere he

would go. Daddy’s boy

loved cruzin’ to New

Town and Minot, to run

to the game stores, and to

the movies. Even though

Papa would often sleep

through most of the

movies, Marc Williams

would wake up his dad

and say “Dad, Dad the

Movie is Over”, like one

time, in 2005, when they

were at the theater watch-

ing the movie, Madagas-


Marc Williams grew up

at the Tribal Office, from

1998-2012, where the

Four Bears Segment Staff

and Tribal Chairman Staff

watched over him, while

his Papa was in tribal

council meetings.

Marc William Levings

“Standing Tall”, died on

Valentine’s Day, Friday,

February 14, 2020, as a

result from a severe head

injury sustained in a fall

on February 11, at his

home. His last acts of love

were looking in on his

children and playing

some late-night acoustic

guitar, in low tones, to al-

low everyone to sleep, be-

fore going to bed himself.

He is survived by his

significant other,

Neikomus Fox; daughter,

Audrianna Jean Fox Lev-

ings; son, Xavier David

Fox Levings; mother, Al-

vina Crows Heart Levings;

father, Marcus Dominick

Levings; brother, Domin-

ick Justin (Ferrin) Wells;

sisters, Shawna Brooke

Wells, Alyssa Raven

(Kyle) VanWagoner and

Mariah Ellen Levings

(Will Stevens); grandfa-

ther, Marcus Dominick

Wells. He was preceded

in death by his

grandparents, Eleanor

Crows Heart, Richard

Crows Heart, Sr., and Rez-

ilda “Duwash” Faye Brady


Funeral: Thursday,

February 20, 2020 at 11

a.m. in South Thomas M.

Johnny Bird Veterans

Memorial Hall, Drags

Wolf Village of Four Bears

Segment, New Town.

Wake: Wednesday be-

ginning at 5:00 p.m. in the

memorial hall

Family and Friends

Gathering: Wednesday

from 2-4 p.m. in Langhans

Funeral Home, Parshall

Burial: Wells Family

Cemetery, Wells Road BIA

27, New Town.