Elgin (Fast Horse) Crows Breast Jr.

Elgin (Fast Horse)

Crows Breast, Jr., 62, of

New Town, ND went

peacefully in his sleep at

home with his wife, Nina,

by his side. Services will

be held at 10:00 AM CDT

on Monday, March 18,

2019, at Twin Buttes

Memorial Hall, Twin

Buttes, ND, with Diane

Travers and the Native

American Church officiat-ing. He will be laid to rest

in God’s acre at the Burr

Family Cemetery in Twin

Buttes, ND.

A wake service will be-

gin at 4:00 PM CDT on

Sunday, March 17, also at

Twin Buttes Memorial


Elgin was born to

Ramona Sue (Hopkins)

Foolish Bear and Elgin

Crows Breast, Sr. on Sep-

tember 30, 1956, in

Garrison, ND. Elgin at-

tended school at Parshall

Elementary, Parshall, ND;

Wahpeton Indian School,

Wahpeton, ND; and Halli-

day High School, ND,

which is where he gra-

duated from high school

in 1976. Elgin stole the

heart of Nina Jean (Fox) in

1974 and they were mar-

ried June 12, 1976, in

Twin Buttes, ND.

He had three children

with Nina. They are Shan-

non Leigh (White Medi-

cine) Crows Breast, Bran-

don Jay (First Bird) Crows

Breast and Jaelyn Faith

(Comes with the Sun)

(Crows Breast) Ponce. El-

gin was so proud of all his

children and would do

anything for them. Then

along came the joys of his

life, his grandchildren:

Jesse Chase, Bailey Chase

and Azdon Crows Breast.

Then came his first

great-grandchild, Colten

Cash Chase, whom he

adored. Elgin loved taking

pictures of himself with

all his children and


Elgin’s life was devoted

to his family and to his

cultural heritage. He was

on the Three Affiliated

Tribes Tribal Business

Council, which is when

he pushed for the estab-

lishment of the Cultural

Preservation Office. He

became the Cultural

Preservation Officer in

1990 (est.) to the present.

Elgin also was instrumen-tal in getting the Cultural

Education Foundation es-

tablished with the state of

North Dakota. Elgin did so

many good things during

his life but the one thing

he felt most important

was the one when he was

able to have the “old

ones” returned and buried

at home so they could

make their journey in the

right way. He knew they

would help him complete

his journey home.

Elgin loved playing gui-

tar and he always planned

on starting up a band with

his brother-in-law, Clifton

Whitman. Elgin could

name almost any rock and

roll song and who sang it,

the band members’

names, the year and what

he was doing at the time.

He was teaching his

granddaughter, Bailey

Belle, how to play the gui-

tar. He loved music and

even started liking coun-

try western music in his

later years. Elgin loved

basketball and claimed

credit to teaching his

grandson, Jesse Chase, all

his moves. He was so

proud of Jesse (Always

First), Bailey (Comes with

the Light) and Azdon

(Fast Thunder) and little

Colten Cash (His Holy

Rope). He won’t be here

physically for the new

great-granddaughter’s ar-

rival but he will be there


Fast Horse is survived

by his wife of 45 years,

Nina; his children, Shan-

non, New Town, ND,

Brandon Jay, New Town,

ND, Jaelyn (Robert) Crows

Breast-Ponce, Bismarck,

ND, Tony Damien,

Bismarck, ND, and Tino

Lira, Parshall, ND; moth-

er, Ramona Foolish Bear,

Parshall, ND; sister, Mina

Howling Wolf, Parshall,

ND; brothers, James

Crows Breast, Parshall,

ND, Dale (Brenda) Crows

Breast, Parshall, ND,

Daryl (Dori) Lyson, New

Town, ND, Kenny (Clau-

dia) Lyson, New Town,

ND, Terry (Becky) Lyson,

New Town, ND, Ronnie

Lyson, Phoenix, AZ, Al-

bert (Lil Al) Couture,

Parshall, ND, Lori (Eric)

Severence, Parshall, ND,

and Casey Cutler,

Parshall, ND; uncles,

Lloyd (Rosemarie) Spotted

Wolf, Albuquerque, NM,

Bobby Whitebody, Lari-

more, ND; aunts, Belva

Rowe, Aberdeen, SD,

Esther Spotted Wolf,

Great Falls, MT; his

grandchildren, Jesse

Chase (Kalee Robertson),

Mandaree, ND, Bailey

Belle Chase, Mandaree,

ND, Azdon Crows Breast,

Twin Buttes, ND;

great-grandson, Colten

Cash Chase, Mandaree,

ND; and all his many

nieces and nephews.

Elgin (Fast Horse)

Crows Breast was preced-

ed in death by his father,

Elgin Crows Breast, Sr.;

brother, Loren Crows

Breast; sisters, Barbara

(Tiny) Crows Breast-Walk-

er, Susan Crows Breast

and Iva Lyson; uncles,

Wilbur Spotted Wolf and

Dreke Irwin; aunts, Char-

lene Lyson, Barbara

Couture, and Roxy Cutler;

Grandmothers, Elsie Spot-

ted Wolf and Lucille

Painte; Grandfathers,

James Crows Breast, Ar-

chie Hopkins and John

White Body; greatgrandfa

ther, Thomas Spotted


Arrangements conduct

ed by Barbot Funeral

Home, Beulah and Hazen.