ND senators vote against $1.9 trillion bill

North Dakota Sens. John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer, both R-N.D., cast their votes against a $1.9 trillion COVID relief package approved on a party-line vote today.

“Over the last year, Congress has approved five COVID-19 relief bills under Republican leadership in the Senate, and with strong bipartisan support to help address pandemic needs, including the $900 billion approved in late December,” Hoeven said. “That money has not been expended and should be fully utilized before Congress authorizes additional spending. However, on a purely partisan basis, Democrats have passed a $1.9 trillion partisan proposal that goes well beyond the needs of the pandemic and adds to our increasing national debt on the backs of hardworking Americans. Much of the spending isn’t related to emergency relief and will be spent between 2022 and 2028.”

“Democrats are using a global health pandemic to go on a shopping spree with taxpayer dollars, buying as many items off their liberal wish-list as they can get their hands on,” Cramer said. “It’s gross. Deceitfully labeled COVID-19 relief, this bill incentivizes workers to stay unemployed even as the economy recovers, gives federal employees weeks of additional paid leave with virtually no stipulations, bails out cities and states facing financial ruin after years of mismanagement by Democrats, and authorizes funding for years down the road, even as much of last year’s relief packages has yet to be spent. With Democrats rushing this horribly flawed bill through Congress using a process designed to ensure they do not need any input from Republicans, it is clear whatever President Biden meant when he promised unity, he has failed miserably. And it is the American people who will suffer for it as their tax dollars are spent on wasteful and harmful government programs.”


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