Kelvin McAllister, New Town, charged with aggravated assault

A 40-year-old New Town man is accused of injuring another man during a fistfight at the Jason’s Superfoods warehouse in New Town on Friday afternoon.

Kelvin Antone McAllister is charged wtih Class C felony aggravated assault in district court in Stanley.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court, McAllister and the other man, Joshua Hale, 39, were fighting. Hale had allegedly made threats against McAllister, who had fired him a week before. McAllister had been working in the deli at Jason’s Superfoods on Friday and had gone to the warehouse to get supplies, where there was a confrontation with Hale, who charged McAllister and missed striking a female employee. McAllister allegedly struck Hale in the face several times and Hale hit his head on the table legs in the warehouse.

When authorities arrived, McAllister was semi-conscious. According to the affidavit, he had swelling on his left eye, the left side of his forehead, a gash on his left eyebrow, blood in his nose and mouth and a gash on the left side of his head above his ear. His short had been torn.

Hale declined to say who with whom he had been fighting. A witness told police McAllister hit Hale.

McAllister was scheduled to make an initial appearance in North Central District Court on Monday.