Ward County sees low turnout, unofficial results released

Ward County saw a voter turnout of 8,391 voters, or 15.85% of the electorate, in Tuesday’s election.

Statewide, voter turnout was 119,452 voters, or 20.11%, which is down from 27% in the 2020 vote-by-mail presidential primary, and down about 4% from the 2016 presidential primary.

The Ward County Auditor’s Office was counting write-in entries on Wednesday and planned to continue into today. Any write-in candidates advancing in the Ward County Commission race possibly could be determined today.

Ward County election results don’t become official until approved by the canvassing board, which meets Monday, June 24, at 10 a.m. in the Ward County Administration Building, commissioners chambers.

Following are some of the unofficial election results from around the county.

District 40

-Republicans: Senate, Jose Castaneda, 861; House, Matthew Ruby, 844, Macy Bolinske, 766.

-Democratic-NPL: House, Alexandra Deufel, 230.

District 38

-Republicans: Senate, David Hogue, 1,698; House, Dan Ruby, 1,396, Christina Wolff, 1,011, Lisa Olson, 844.

-Democratic-NPL: House, Lisa Hermosillo, 253.

District 4

-Republicans: Senate, Chuck Walen, 1,506; 4a House, Ronald Brugh, 282; 4b House, Clayton Fegley, 1,238.

-Democratic-NPL: 4a House, Lisa Finley-DeVille, 392.

District 6

-Republicans: Senate, Paul Thomas, 2,369, Zach Lessig, 1,318; House, Dick Anderson, 2,004, Dan Vollmer, 1,964, Pat Bachmeier, 1,509; Kolette Kramer, 1,410.


-Berthold City Council: (two terms): Troy Enga, 68, and Cindy DeBilt, 60; unexpired two-year term, Randy Kunz, 63.

-Berthold measure to disband park board, failed 39-28.

-Burlington mayor: Jack Anderson, 122, Zach Walker, 111.

-Burlington City Council: (two terms) Kelsey Flick, 182, Jarrod Nelson, 175.

-Burlington municipal judge: Codie Miller, 216.

-Carpio City Council: (one term) Austin Burkett, 15; (two terms) Kelvin Faul, 18, write-ins, 11.

-Carpio Park Board: (two terms) Randy Bryans, 16, and Jay Kurtz, 16.

-Des Lacs City Council: (two terms), Alton Nygaard, 30, and Brandon Quam, 30.

-Des Lacs measure to publish minutes, failed 21-11.

-Donnybrook City Council: (two terms) Nick Wooster, 21, Larry Goettle, 20.

-Kenmare City Council: (three terms) Miles Mibeck, 128, James Burud, 122, Timothy Heid, 116; (unexpired two-year term), 39 write-ins.

-Kenmare Municipal Judge: William Jansky, 137.

-Kenmare Park Board: (two terms) Jane Kalmbach, 124, Rachel Wiedmer, 116; (unexpired two-year term) 46 write-ins.

-Makoti City Council: (two terms) Christopher Huus, 27, Ashley Sanborn, 11, Mike Larson, 7; (unexpired two-year term) Bernadean Howell, 27.

-Ryder mayor: Jody Reinisch, 20.

-Ryder City Council: (two terms) Rick Sherven, 19, Merle Dreher, 15.

-Sawyer mayor: Wayne Flores, 60.

-Sawyer City Council: (two terms) Tom Kempf, 40, Susan Schmidt, 31, Donald Yancey, 19.

-Surrey City Council: Ward 1, Steve Fennewald, 50, (unexpired two-year term) Tiffany Wheeler, 55; Ward 2, (two terms) Twila Gantzer, 72, Brent Dickinson, 57.


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