Bond revoked for defendant for violating cell phone restriction

Amber Boothe

A Minot woman charged with multiple felonies for alleged sexual communications with a minor had her bond revoked after violating a condition barring her from possessing a cell phone.

Amber Halena Boothe, 49, Minot, appeared for a pretrial hearing in North Central District Court on Wednesday. Boothe’s attorney Philip Becher told Judge Douglas Mattson his client was ready to proceed to trial in the matter in which she is charged with use of a minor in a sexual performance, a Class A felony; promoting sexual performance of a minor, a Class B felony; possession of prohibited materials, and luring minors by computer, both Class C felonies.

The charges against Boothe stem from a report in January from a parent of the juvenile victim who discovered communications between her son and Boothe, which according to court documents were sexually explicit in nature. Boothe has also been charged in a separate case with two Class A misdemeanor charges for possession of meth and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia which arose after she was searched during the booking process at the Ward County Jail.

Deputy State’s Attorney Tiffany Sorgen told the court that she expected the trial would take about four days, as due to the subject matter of the case additional time may be required for jury selection. Due to staffing concerns at the State’s Attorney’s office due to the number of trials slated for July, Mattson ordered the case for trial for a date in October.

Sorgen also requested Boothe’s bond be revoked on the grounds that she had been found to be in the possession of a cell phone at one of her court ordered testings in May. Boothe’s bond conditions barred her from possessing a cell phone of any type without the express permission of the court which Mattson had not granted based on court records.

Sorgen asked that Boothe be taken into custody, and be further barred from communicating with anyone other than her attorney and his law firm.

The parties were prepared to proceed with a plea agreement on the drug charges, which would have dismissed the paraphernalia count with a requested sentence of no additional jail time, a drug dependency evaluation and $325 in court fines and fees. However, Mattson decided to hold off on accepting the plea agreement after Boothe shared she had recently experienced a health emergency and required medical evaluation and treatment.

Boothe is scheduled to appear today for a hearing regarding a testing violation.


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