Trade or college? DLB students take different paths

Zannah Bjerklie

DES LACS – Des Lacs-Burlington High School seniors are itching to be done, including Ty Hughes and Zannah Bjerklie, who will be graduating this weekend.

DLB graduation is set to take place on Sunday, May 19, at 2 p.m. at the school.

After graduation is over and done with, the next journey begins into adulthood.

Hughes plans to go into a trade rather than going to college. He wants to be an electrician, challenging himself to use his math skills and knowledge of numbers to his advantage and become a journeyman.

So far, he has an apprenticeship set up with Main and Holmes Electric Construction, Inc., requiring him to work three to four years as an apprentice before he is fully certified.

Ty Hughes

“I feel like I got talent in math and stuff like that, so I wanted to use that in a trade,” Hughes said.

Several members of his family are in a trade of some sort, and he wanted to follow family tradition.

He had a couple of offers from colleges to play football for them, but it was not the path he wanted to take. Finding a field or subject to major in at a university had never happened for Hughes, unable to think of anything he would want to endure further education for.

“I don’t want to go to college just to play football,” Hughes said. However, he would be interested in playing intramural volleyball.

During his years at DLB, which he has attended since preschool, he had thought about being an electrician, and the idea solidified for him during his senior year.

Bjerklie has also attended DLB since preschool.

However, she wants to be an elementary teacher and a basketball coach. Shas at least the next two years planned out to go to Bismarck State College for her general education classes.

Her parents are alumni of BSC and they told her it’s “a good school” to go to, plus she wanted to get out of Minot for a little while, so it was perfect. She is still close to home, but far enough away to experience something completely new.

She adores working with children and she nannies in the summer, as well. Her father also is always telling her about how much he loves kids, and that adoration seemed to rub off on her.

After finishing an associate’s degree, it is tentative that Bjerklie will be attending Minot State University for an additional two to four years.

In addition to needing education to be a teacher, she will need education for coaching, hence the extra time she may need to take to get done.

“I think it’s just a good fit for me,” Bjerklie said.

Her mind is not set on MSU, though. Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, is a college she has looked into, as well.

She did dual credit classes in high school, decreasing the number of college courses she will have to take every semester. Already under her belt are college composition, speech, algebra and she also took a special education class online.

One class she said she would thoroughly enjoy taking is sign language.

As of May 9, she was still undecided as to whether she wants to play softball in college, or if she wants to strictly focus on her education. She does plan to play some recreational sports to stay active and perhaps coach and oversee after-school Child Learning Center programs.

After college, Bjerklie would like to teach in the state, and then eventually venture out to see more of the world and find out where life takes her.

“It feels like, to me, it’s going to be a change for sure,” Bjerklie said, “but I’m ready. It’s going to be good.”

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