Local mother reminisces about farm family life

Ciara Parizek/MDN Duane and Rosalie Mehlhoff, now of Minot, reared six children while living on their farm near Tuttle.

Rosalie Mehlhoff and her husband, Duane, have just moved to Somerset Court in Minot from their farm near Tuttle.

As Mother’s Day approaches, their years of raising six children are on their minds.

They had their first child when Rosalie Mehlhoff was 23 and their last when she was 40. The largest age gap is 10 years between the fourth and fifth children, John and Rebecca Mehlhoff.

Rosalie Mehlhoff said the most rewarding part of being a mother was having her children follow the Lord, and that her children still go to church. They may not be among the same denomination and they went their own paths, but they still attend.

The eldest four attended Tuttle School and graduated, while the youngest two went to Shiloh Christian School in Mandan.

John Mehlhoff currently lives on the original farm near Tuttle, and Mark Mehlhoff, the eldest, lives on his own property four miles west of his brother.

The Mehlhoffs have 19 grandchildren.

“I love children,” Rosalie Mehlhoff said. “I wanted to have my own family, and I enjoyed every one of my children. We had a lot of fun together.”


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