First Baptist Church helps single moms

Submitted Photo Around 100 volunteers gathered on May 4 to administer basic car services to moms in need.

First Baptist Church in Minot held its twice annual Car Clinic on May 4 that served around 50 single mothers and widows.

Oil changes and basic car services are offered to single women and widows every May and September. Volunteers from Minot Public Schools’ vocational shop as well as mechanics from Minot Air Force Base and local businesses assist women in need. John Tronset, head of the Car Clinic, said this May about 100 people volunteered to help the cause.

“We know there’s a lot of single mothers out there that just need help,” Tronet said. “We had some single mothers in our church and in the community that were asking for help and there were enough of them to where we felt an event could be organized.”

School counselors and local organizations pass event information to families they see are in need.

While the participants are waiting for their cars to be serviced, the church offers them lunch and coffee.

Though the event is geared to help single moms and widows, Tronset said, the occasional single dad comes in for help. The larger goal of the event is to help parents get their kids to school.

Tronset said the first few Car Clinics started off with around 10-15 cars per event but the number of participants almost doubles every time the event is held. He said each location now garners between 10 and 15 signups.


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