MSU Student Juried Art Show grand opening tonight

Submitted Photo Artwork is displayed in the Northwest Arts Center in preparation for the Student Juried Art Show.

Minot State University’s annual Student Juried Art Show will take place today at 6:30 p.m. in the Northwest Arts Center on campus.

The Juried Student Show has been an annual MSU event since the 1970s and allows students to create, prepare and exhibit their work in a professional gallery setting.

“It is a pivotal experience for students to see their work on display,” Northwest Arts Center Director Greg Vettel said. “Not only in terms of developing professional practices, but also for the accomplishment and presentation of their hard work and resulting skills.”

Many students can be a part of the art show. Most art students are required to submit at least one piece as a part of select class syllabi.

“I love being involved with the Student Juried Show because it provides growing artists with interesting and unique experiences,” MSU student Charlese Bell said. “The show is exciting for me as I’m able to see the variety of artwork made by my classmates, as well as my own art upon it being chosen for display. I think having this show helps build confidence in young artists and it encourages students to continue pursuing art in a way that fulfills them. The biggest reward is the community this show builds for aspiring students and artists of any age or skill.”

Students are able to submit artwork for the show, but not all are chosen by the juror to be showcased. Being selected is an accomplishment in itself, as well as the many awards presented to students whose artwork is showcased that evening.

“The student jury show is quite a journey for us on campus, “ MSU student Dyana Decoteau-Dyess said. “Navigating through a year’s worth of creativity to select art pieces isn’t easy, especially for younger artists entering the world of exhibits and jury shows. It’s a mix of excitement and a touch of nerves, but that’s part of the experience.”

“Going through the process, facing both successes and rejections, is like a crash course in personal and artistic growth, “ she said. “It’s not just about refining your art; it’s about building resilience and learning from every experience, whether it’s a nod of approval or a rejection.”

A huge part of the success of the juried art show is Northwest Arts Center Director Greg Vettel as well as the number of other art professors who not only help students create their art pieces throughout the year, but also support the Northwest Arts Center and help set up the show.

“A big shoutout to Professor Greg Vettel and the other fantastic faculty members guiding us through the process of curating our pieces, “ Decoteau-Dyess said. “Greg, as well as Professor Linda Olson, especially, deserve recognition for teaching us the essential skills of framing and matting – skills that become crucial when we’re matting and framing our own work post-college.”

The Student Juried Art Show from beginning to end is an essential learning experience for art students at MSU. It allows them to have an in depth look at what the art world is post-grad.

“Let’s not forget the judges – meeting different ones is always an enriching experience. It’s not just about showcasing your art; it’s a chance to network and explore where those connections might lead, Decoteau-Dyess said. “The student jury show isn’t merely an exhibit; it’s a learning curve, a networking opportunity and a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.”


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