Grief support group starting end of January

GriefShare, a support group for individuals grieving the loss of a loved one, is starting at Bible Fellowship Church Monday at 7 p.m.

Pastor Duane Deckert of Bible Fellowship Church said the program consists of 13 weekly sessions. Each session consists of a 30-minute video with counsel and insights from respected grief experts and personal testimonies along with group discussions.

“It’s learning to live with grief, learning to deal with it and learning to move on while not forgetting the loved one who was lost,” Deckert said.

Topics cover common struggles such as loneliness, fear, anger, regrets, relationships and hope. The program is designed to provide Christ-centered encouragement and direction. Deckert said one large goal of the program is for participants to not feel like they’re going through grief alone, which he said is why the group discussion aspect is particularly important.

Participants are able to jump in at any time and don’t have to start at session one. Deckert said oftentimes participants will bring friends or family along after going through several sessions to share the healing experience with their loved ones.

“A lot of people just try to set it aside and don’t deal with it. What GriefShare does is it helps us unpack it: ‘What am I dealing with?’ ‘Why am I going through this?’ ‘How can I move on in life when it seems like there’s no reason to move on?’ A lot of people that are deep in grief don’t want to face tomorrow because it’s hard,” Deckert said.

This is a free program that is open to the public.Workbooks are available for a small cost but are not required to participate.


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