Keep ND waters clean by stopping ANS

BISMARCK — The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality urges all North Dakotans to take some time to learn about Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS). Once in N.D. waters, ANS threaten the sustainability, biodiversity, and quality of water resources.

Water users must take steps to prevent the spread of ANS to preserve N.D. waterways for current and future generations.

— When recreating in a lake or river, thoroughly inspect all equipment for mud, plants, animals, and residual water.

— Thoroughly clean, drain and dry all gear before its next use.

— Never release an unwanted pet, such as a fish or snail, into a waterway.

— Choose native plant options when aquatic landscaping or gardening.

— Always follow all ANS regulations when entering and departing a body of water.


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