Magic City Discovery Center closes the circle

Supporters of the Magic City Discovery Center experience the various exhibits after the dedication ceremony for the new facility set to open to the public on May 5.

The Magic City Discovery Center held a dedication ceremony for the facility on Friday, a week before the public will officially be let through the doors. The dedication was attended by the MCDC Board members and their families, along with around 100 other supporters.

MCDC Board President Mark Lyman kicked things off feting all involved in the decade long process for their efforts in bringing the center from an idea and into reality.

“What a great time to live in Minot and the surrounding area,” said Lyman. “With this new children’s museum, we are truly showcasing how important the education of children and the support for families is for our community. We couldn’t have made this all happen without the long hours put in by staff, volunteers, board members and hundreds of donors. We hope that everyone will come enjoy the Magic City Discovery Center after we are open to the public on May 5th.”

U.S. Sen. John Hoeven was on hand, and even pulled his grandsons away from the exhibits to use them as “props” as he made his remarks.

“The Magic City Discovery Center stands as an investment in the future of the Minot region, helping to enrich the lives of families and supporting the development and success of their children,” said Hoeven, “When the project first started in 2014, we quickly recognized the positive impact it would have.”

The speakers made mention several times of a critical Department of Defense grant that secured $6.3 million in funding for the center. Col. Dan Hoadley, commander of Minot Air Force Base’s 5th Bomb Wing, and Col. Kenneth McGhee, commander of Minot AFB’s 91st Missile Wing, were also on hand who said the center would forever be a monument to the relationship between the armed forces and the community as it fosters the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

“I would have never thought, being born and raised here, that this hunk of land could be turned into an icon that has truly made Minot a destination. The hard work and dedication the team put into making this center move from a thought to a reality is a case study in what a community can do when it works together,” said Minot Mayor Tom Ross. “The location of the Magic City Discovery Center is perfect. It stands alone on a peak in the city as a constant reminder to us all that our city is dedicated to the future. As a father, walking through the doors of this center is something I look forward to sharing with my grandkids.”

The Discovery Center will hold its grand opening for the public on Friday, May 5, with doors opening at 10 a.m. Lyman recommended that the Discovery Center will be using block reservations for the month of May, which can be made on the Center’s website. Further information regarding memberships, admission and hours can be found at MagicCityDiscoveryCenter.com and the center’s Facebook page.


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